Dance&Physics class description

The Dance&Physics class aims to explain how Physics laws affect the dynamic of dance movements.

The dynamic of movement is not only a matter of style. In a fouetté sequence the movement of the working leg, from front to side once at each revolution, is not only a matter of aesthetic, it has to do with physical principles that allows the turn to be performed smartly.

The class is focused on providing insight into the analysis of dance to lead a dancer to become more confident with his body movements and to be able to overcome difficulties in balance, pirouettes and jumps.

The Dance&Physics class aims to answer this kind of questions:

• How can a dancer regain balance while wobbling?

• How can a dancer control the turn rate and the rotational velocity in repeated pirouettes?

• How can a dancer achieve the most effective pirouette?

• How can a dancer jump higher?

• How dancers give a floating illusion performing a grand-jeté?

A Dance&Physics gives the opportunity to interpret the traditional and academic environment of dance in an amazing, intriguing and useful way.

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