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A Dance&Physics workshop is for Ballet schools, High schools, Universities and Dance events that are interested in providing a new learning tool to improve the dance's technique.It is useful for dance students, teachers, choreographers, critics, professional dancers, high school students and fans of art and science.

It focuses on providing insight into the analysis of dance, explaining how the physics principles affect the dynamic and the style in the dance movements.

The workshop usually is a summary of a physics-based ballet class and the topic of the class can be chosen in a wide list of titles available. Just for example: Plié&Gravity, Battement-tendu&Friction, Arabesque&Momentum,Passè&Balance.

For more details read the section Classes or contact me.

Another multidisciplinary workshop available is entitled The languages of dance.

It is promoted by me in collaboration with my colleague and friend Annalisa Piccirillo, PhD in history and theory of dance and performance.

In this workshop the dance’s analysis using physical principles is equipped by a critique of the dance performance and historical notes on the evolution of the styles of dance and of the visual language.

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