How Physics is related to Dance?

The language of dance is imagination, emotionality and visual representation.

All these features are far away from the rational, abstract and analytical scientific world. Then, what is the link between dance and physics?

Easy ... the beauty of dance was born out of the constraints imposed by Physics laws.

Dance is expressed by body movements, and Physics governs the dynamic of these movements.

The coordinated and graceful movements of arms and legs in a Ballet performance are not only a matter of aesthetic but meet specific physical principles. The displacement, even minimum, of each part of the body influences the beginning or end of a pirouette, the height of a jump or the balance in a pose.

Humans take more than one year to learn to walk, dancers require many years of practice to turn that walk into graceful and professional movements like pirouette, grand-jetté or aplomb.

The knowledge of physical principles speeds up the understanding of movements, improving dancers' style and performance.

Dance and physics are discovery, creativity and passion.

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